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We specialize in All Taxes

Our goal is to decrease your tax liability and or get the most money back possible. Unlike commercial tax businesses who often have unenrolled preparers processing the returns, all tax returns are prepared by an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are the only federally-licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled Agents are required to complete continuing education each year and a code of ethics; With that being said they are up to date with the tax laws. When preparing a tax return it's more than just answering the asked questions on the screen. If you know the tax law it benefits the tax payer; We know the tax code, how and when to implement them. 


Monthly and Quarterly business clients have discounted rates for tax preparation. Contact us today for additional information. We also offer tax resolution and representation.

Individual Taxes for all 50 states

We process federal and state tax returns in all 50 states for Individuals. 


  • We offer advance loans for approved accounts

  • No upfront payments for approved accounts

  • Tax resolutions, audits, and representations 


¨ Business taxes

¨ Payroll taxes

¨ Individual tax return

¨ State tax

¨ Sales tax​

¨ Nonprofit taxes

¨ Corporation taxes

¨ Partnership taxes

¨ Excise tax

¨ Tax correspondence

¨ Tax representation before the IRS

¨ Tax Planning

Click below to upload your tax files, to get a free quote! 

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