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Full-Service Bookkeeping: Monthly, Quarterly or Hourly



Most small businesses think how hard could bookkeeping be? All I have to do is keep track of the money coming in and out. That would be false! When it comes to taxes, good bookkeeping makes a difference on how you expense items. Putting items in the wrong chart of accounts could lead to extra taxes owed. With our bookkeeping services, we keep your books to result in the minimum tax liability possible. We can operate through QuickBooks, Quickbooks online and Sage.  















All full-service Monthly Services include:

  • Electronically reconcile your checkbook and bank statements, identify errors and specific sources of adjustments, inform you of these adjustments and request that you make correcting entries directly into your checkbook if manually done. Electronics adjustments will be made by us and you will be informed.

  • Payroll, Quarterly and Yearly Payroll tax reports and Employee W2’s up to 25 employees.

  • Yearly 1099’s and 1096 up to 25 contractors.

  • Record all income and expenses, deposits and adjusting entries needed for that month.

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • State sales tax

  • Review P&L’s monthly and make any necessary adjustments and inform you of these adjustments

  • Accounts Payable- Make payments to vendors by ACH, checks or credit card.

  • Other- Other Items discussed in engagement letter (may increase monthly price).


Plan prices are depending on yearly gross Income. 

To get plan pricing, set up an account and login or contact us for a quote to be emailed to you. 

Business Federal Tax preparation included in full-service monthly bookkeeping if we keep track of the books all year.  We also offer hourly bookkeeping services.

how we work

How we work

After you have contacted us:

  1. A client intake form will be filled out by you to help us gauge where we can add value to your company.

  2. A consultation at no charge will be set to further discuss your Bookkeeping needs based on your client intake form. For out of town accounts, we will arrange a video chat or phone conference. 

  3. We will gather any additional information to provide you with an efficient and reliable bookkeeping system.



We can work with you on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or on an as-needed basis. 


After determining which services you want to utilize and the frequency. An Engagement letter will be provided with the detail of work, frequency, and cost.

For full-service bookkeeping- We will come pick up the work from you and provide you with a transmittal of everything we pick up along with an estimated time of completion. After the work is processed we return it back to you and upload the data into your system. For Online Bookkeeping- You upload necessary files or enter them and we take it from there.

If you have any questions at any time, you can contact us 24/7.  

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